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Alistair W
I’ve been having lessons with Rob for a month now and my confidence in my playing has really increased. His lessons have been an excellent balance of practical and theoretical, which is exactly what I wanted. I’d been muddling my way around a fretboard for far too long, but since having lessons, in a very short period of time, I have learnt the foundations of the music that I like and want to write and play. I’ve found him to be easy going, approachable, enthusiastic and encouraging. This has definitely been my best new year’s resolution.
Adam F
I started with Rob in May 2015 as a complete beginner. He is a brilliantly teacher who really help me nail the real basics. Never felt uncomfortable playing in front of him. He really makes his approach individual to your learning style. Let’s you pick the song too and will teach you whatever it is! Would fully recommend.
David C
I am currently learning the electric guitar with Rob. His tuition is excellent. His technique is to the point & easy to learn. I myself am amazed at my own progress from scratch. Highly recommend.
Danny R
Rob is a fantastic guitarist and is an even better teacher. He tailors each lesson to the learners needs, and provides an expert opinion to develop techniques.
Dawn P
I would highly recommend Rob to anyone wanting to learn the guitar for anyone from beginners to advanced. My daughter (11) has been having lessons with Rob since last summer, she’s learnt so much and he teaches in a way that everything just makes sense… she’s learnt to play a couple of songs independently and confidently and loves the chance to show off her skills at school !
Graemme M
I have been learning to play guitar with Rob for the last 18 months. Each lesson has been very positive; Rob is patient and enthusiastic. He has set achievable goals which have been met. This has meant I can fully appreciate my progression which gives me confidence. He encourages me to be innovative and experimental which has opened up my playing and make homework and practice addictive. I do recommend Rob as a guitar tutor, he’s a good bloke.