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Guitar lessons in Nottingham with Rob Greco. Rob has earned himself an outstanding reputation as Nottingham’s leading provider of guitar lessons. He has been teaching full-time for fourteen years, working in schools, colleges, both with groups and individuals, at home and in the studio.

In 2007 he moved to his own studio space in Wollaton Street, Nottingham, which allows him all the flexibility required to run a full-time guitar lessons business in Nottingham, but more importantly means there is enough space to crank up the amps.

Private Guitar lessons are of course a staple in any aspiring musician’s routine, but Rob is the only teacher to also host group lessons, which is always the highlight of our week: Rock Club! A group students meet and jam together, allowing Rob to teach the art of playing effectively in a band, layering guitar parts and orchestrating solos. It’s always exciting, it’s always inspirational and we always have a laugh.

Why Choose Rob?

Because his teaching style is friendly and encouraging, he is extremely well experienced, and we’ve got the reviews to back it up, don’t just take our word for it.

In fact, why don’t you come and see for yourself? We know how important the relationship between student and teacher is, we offer your first lesson completely free of charge, and with no obligation. We want you to be comfortable in your classes, and if you don’t feel like it’s perfect for you, we totally understand.

Rob’s approach stands above other teachers’ approaches, as he is very good at appreciating what your goal for learning is.

  • if you want to be able to improvise, he can take you through the process of soloing over chord patterns.
  • perhaps you’re interested in writing songs, then he can teach you how to build structure into chord progressions and interweave melodies through them
  • or if you want to be able to shred, Rob has developed a number of unique techniques and exercises to help you learn scale shapes across the neck, that all-important muscle memory

No matter what your ability or goal is, Rob will have something to teach you.

Your First Guitar Lesson – what should you expect?

Firstly a brief discussion about what you are hoping to get out of guitar lessons in Nottingham, and then into working out what playing style you are comfortable with and what your ability level is at currently.

From there we will jump straight into some playing exercises to start stretching your capability, playing with Rob accompanying you. Rob will be able to pick out some key areas for you to study, and break them down into simple components for you to practise at home.

On top of that, Rob will give you some techniques specific to your goal, so that you can see right from the beginning the direction that is going to best suit your ability, and help you to progress as a guitarist in the most efficient way


To find out more about our classes, have a look at our Bookings page, or alternatively just give us a call on 07312258907, or if you prefer you can send us a message through our Contact page.

Reviews & Testimonials

We have absolutely LOADS of reviews, all five stars. Check out our reviews page for a handful, or our Google listing for an up to date list