Hi I am Rob Greco I have taught the guitar since 2007 and I have dedicated my career now to helping people of all ages to learn the guitar and become the best version of themselves. I teach during the day, evenings and weekends and lessons are one to one. Before contacting me I will need to know a little about you and your interests relating to the guitar so that I can create a completely bespoke plan for you. You’ll see from my reviews im very focused towards helping people to completely transform their guitar playing, whether complete beginner or more advanced. Further in order to help as many people as I can – As a special offer for this month only I am offering one month completely FREE! thats one guitar every week for one month for anyone new who wants to learn the guitar

Who is Rob Greco

Rob Greco is a renowned guitarist and teacher and he gives bespoke guitar lessons in Nottingham. He has shared the stage with many greats and he is also a full-time guitar teacher. At Rob Greco Guitar Lessons, you can enjoy the learning process because we make it possible for you to do so. Learning the instrument is more than the techniques involved; it is a lot about having fun and playing with the heart. And that is what this music studio aims at! With a state-of-the-art studio and the latest equipment, you get yourself a place where you can explore your musical talents and learn something that you will take joy from all your life. It does not matter how far off you are in your lessons, or if you are a total novice at it; with us, you get the opportunity of learning to be better at the instrument.

What makes us Special

We understand that getting guitar lessons Nottingham is not very difficult. So what makes us special and why do we stand out? Well, the most important reason why this is so is because of our commitment to excellence at our music studio. It is because of this that we provide each one of our students with the care they need to excel at guitar. Our individualised attention and customised guitar lessons ensure that we bring out the best in each student. We are passionate about the guitar as we believe that it is an extremely special musical instrument and it is our endeavour every day to help our students achieve their potential.


At our music studio, getting guitar lessons Nottingham is worth your time for a number of reasons.

Practicality & Passion

While we may be extremely passionate about the guitar, we make sure that our lessons are very practical. Practical lesson plans make it easier for you to grasp what is being taught and easier to practice.

Easy Access to the Studio

Accessing our studio will pose no problems at all if you live in Nottingham or in the surrounding area. We are located in the heart of the city and are easily accessible by public transport.

Customised Guitar Lessons

We give you the individual attention you need to make the most of your potential. That is why we provide our students with individualised and customised lessons that suits their level of skill and comprehension of the instrument.

Say no to YouTube

Say no to YouTube Videos and self-help guitar books! Call us at Rob Greco Guitar lessons at our phone number 07814 272 649 to get started with expert lessons in Nottingham and surrounding areas. Reaching our studio is easy from any part of the city.

State-of-the-art studio

Learning at our world-class music studio is an experience in itself. Make the most of your lessons with our latest equipment.

Reasonable prices

The prices we offer are reasonable. Don’t waste your money on high-priced guitar lessons when you have us!

It is Fun & Engaging

We take special care in making sure that you have fun while learning. It is never boring to be at our studio and lessons are fun every time.

Learn at your own pace

Each person has a different pace no matter what you are talking about. The same lies with mastering the guitar. We give you the space to learn at your own pace.

Rob is an outstanding teacher and has helped me enormously with his flexible, patient and professional approach

Paul vale


I have been seeing Rob for guitar lessons for a few years now. I am a guitar teacher myself and Rob has given me lots of confidence he really knows his stuff

Neil Sanders


Rob’s enthusiastic yet patient teaching style allows me to progress at my own pace. I can’t recommend him enough!

Lisa & Steven