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Nottingham Guitar Lessons


Ever wanted to give a loved one a gift that will make a big impression on their lives? Fed up with buying the same clothes/jewellery/chocolate options?

How about guitar lessons? If you book somebody a series of guitar lessons they are far more likely to appreciate it than if they have to unwrap another pair of socks for their birthday this year. This could be your chance to give a gift that someone will truly never forget.

Dads in particular are often hard to buy for. Instead of scratching your head for another year, why not buy him some guitar tuition? Most fathers were brought up in a generation when guitars ruled the airwaves and would love an opportunity to pick up their old acoustics and learn in a structured manner for the first time in their life.

Also, don’t worry if you think your dad will not be good enough and he’ll come home disturbing your peace with his uncontrolled enthusiasm, we’ll have him strumming a nice progression in no time.

What about if you’re a parent yourself? Guitar lessons are a great present for kids, one which can begin a life-long hobby or even launch a career.

At Rob Greco Guitar Lessons in Nottingham we don’t try to make kids learn the guitar by adapting our adult lessons. We gear our entire approach towards teaching children. This creates sound musical habits from the beginning, but ensures youngsters don’t get bogged down and confused with classroom-like content. We know that learning needs to be fun, so we fill our guitar lessons with state of the art technology and songs that your kids will love. Our tutors are experienced at helping people with a variety of learning needs, such as Asperger’s syndrome and dyslexia, learn to play the guitar.

Our city centre music studio in Nottingham comes with all the high-tech gadgetry that you’d want in a musical experience. When booking a series of guitar lessons from us, you can rest assured your loved one will have a great time as well as learning an amazing life skill.

If you know somebody who you think would love to learn the guitar, we can make sure their dream comes true. All you need to do is get in touch.